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Selected Health and System Statistics

Explore comparative data on key health system characteristics and performance indicators, including overall health care spending, hospital spending and utilization, health care access, patient safety, care coordination, chronic care management, disease prevention, capacity for quality improvement, and public views of health systems.

Population, 2013

Spending, 2013 (unless otherwise noted)

Physicians, 2013 (unless otherwise noted)

Hospital Spending, Utilization, and Capacity, 2013 (unless otherwise noted)

Medical Technology, 2013 (unless otherwise noted)

IT, 2015

Health Risk Factors, 2013 (unless otherwise noted)

Adults' Access to Care, 2013

Safety Problems Among Older Adults, 2014

Care Coordination and Transitions Among Older Adults, 2014

Chronic Care Management among Older Adults,2014

Primary Care Practices Receive Performance Feedback, 2015

OECD Health Care Quality Indicators

Avoidable Deaths, 2013

Prevention, 2013

Public Views of Health System, 2013